"Every community deserves a champion and Marita is that person for Wilkinsburg. We are excited to support Marita in her candidacy for Mayor of Wilkinsburg."

Mayor John & Gisele Fetterman (2017)


"Marita Garrett is the type of leader that Wilkinsburg needs and I enthusiastically support her candidacy for Mayor of Wilkinsburg!


As a resident of Wilkinsburg and a small business owner, I believe she will has the right experience, poise and problem-solving abilities to lead the Wilkinsburg community into this next Phase of growth."

Derrick Tillman

Resident & CEO of Bridging the Gap Development

"I whole-heartedly endorse Marita for Mayor of Wilkinsburg. Through our mutual participation the Congress of Neighboring Communities (CONNECT) -- comprising our city and 30 adjacent municipalities, and for which she been appointed Chairperson in April 2017-- I can verify that Marita has a clear vision of her purpose and goals in elected office. She infects others with a sense of excitement and the privilege to serve with her. Wilkinsburg has a wonderful leader in their midst."

Diana Yankes

Churchill Borough Councilwoman

"Let me just take a moment to endorse someone I think will take the position of mayor to the next level.  Her cunning in finding new alliances from like minded community groups, the authority she shows in committee meetings and the zeal she displays for fighting for the impecunious and disenfranchised are all first class. There is no doubt we have one clear choice for this election."

Michael Rose

Wilkinsburg Councilman & Public Safety Committee Chair

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"I knew Marita had a passion for Wilkinsburg the day she knocked on my door when she first ran for Councilwoman. Since then, I've watched her play a role in helping the community grow and have seen her commitment to making sure the citizens of Wilkinsburg, as well as small business owners, have access to services and opportunities needed to thrive. She is a true leader with the talent to take Wilkinsburg to the next level." - Donna Baxter Porcher, Resident & CEO of Soul Pitt Media

Donna Baxter Porcher

Resident & CEO of Soul Pitt Media

It is my pleasure and honor to have been asked by Marita for an endorsement.  She speaks so eloquently when representing the citizens of Wilkinsburg while not seeking selfish motives. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE HER TO REPRESENT US. 

Walter Reid

Resident and (Past) Democratic Chairman

"As a member of Borough Council representing my ward, Marita Garrett has proven herself to be an exceptionally strong leader and a GREAT advocate for Wilkinsburg. I am delighted to endorse her candidacy for Mayor because I believe that she has exactly the right combination of thoughtful acumen, a positive and collaborative attitude and an undeniable commitment to our borough. Marita Garrett certainly has my vote!"

Dee Briggs

Artist, Resident and Block Watch Co-Captain

"I am proud to endorse candidate Marita Garrett for Mayor of Wilkinsburg. Over the past few years, she has been instrumental in bringing the community together through  initiatives such as Community Conversations and the Free Store. She is committed to bringing positive change to the community."

Klara Brown, Vice President, Wilkinsburg School Board

""Marita Garrett is an excellent candidate for Mayor as she has been very effective as a Councilwoman in advancing our Borough and has the skills and ability to effectively represent our community.  As Mayor, she will be a great connection between our residents and outside businesses and organizations that can benefit Wilkinsburg.  Her Community Conversations have been an excellent way to solicit and understand the concerns and ideas of residents."

Mike Milberger

Chair of Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee & Wilkinsburg Democratic Committeeman

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