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MARITA GARRETT • Delivering Results for Our Community

One of the things that attracted me to Wilkinsburg was how it reminded me of my hometown Akron, Ohio. The landscape, the homes, and the strong sense of community. As one of my former classmates, LeBron James, says, "In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have.”

That is the absolute truth. I have worked hard for everything that I have. Nothing has ever been handed to me. With my work ethic and determination, I aim to be a champion for our community to be self-reliant and secure.

Thank you to everyone who supported and elected me to serve as the 10th Mayor of Wilkinsburg. With the movement occurring here in the Borough, I will continue as an advocate to make sure our voices are being represented at all levels; we need a determined person to proactively bring resources to our community – I know I am that person. 
Your continued support has been instrumental in making sure I am representing the voices of the residents and we will continue to move Wilkinsburg forward.

Let's continue moving forward - together.

Marita Garrett

Councilwoman Marita Garrett in Council Chambers
  • President & CEO, Civically, Inc.

  • CEO, MarGar Enterprises, LLC (Admintrinsic)

  • Co-Founder, Free Store Wilkinsburg

  • Adjunct Professor, University of Pittsburgh, GSPIA

  • Co-Host, Shattered Glass Podcast

  • Councilperson, Wilkinsburg Borough Council (2014-2018)

  •  Psychology, Master of Arts, Chatham University

   •  Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Pittsburgh



  • Chatham University, Center for Women and Politics - regular Panelist & Speaker

  • Women & Business - Pittsburgh Magazine, Sept. 2018

  • Program Facilitator, Coro Pittsburgh’s Women in Leadership Program (2017-2019)

  • Panelist -  Brookings Institution

  • Panelist -  United Nation’s World Urban Forum 9

  • National Leaders Council, Pittsburgh chapter

  • Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Strategic Partnerships & Community Engagement Advisory Committee, 

  • NextCity Vanguard Selectee -  Newcastle, Australia, 2017

  • Who’s Next in Politics - The Incline

  • Young Democrat of the Year - The Allegheny County Democratic Committee, 2017

  • Outreach Volunteer of the Year -  Alzheimer’s Association, Greater PA Chapter, 2014

  • Rising African American Leader - The African American Alumni Council at the University of Pittsburgh, 2014 

  • 40 Under 40 -  Pittsburgh Magazine, 2015

  • 40 Under 40 -  New Pittsburgh Courier, 2014


#Better All Over

Not the "next best thing" or "up and coming", rather a Wilkinsburg that is a better and improved version of itself ...

We have the resiliency to rise up from a previous disadvantaged status that may have temporarily disabled us, but it doesn’t define us.


My vision is for a healthy and thriving Wilkinsburg, in every sense of those words, for all residents to enjoy. A Borough with equitable access to quality food markets, a walkable and greener Borough. On each corner there is a successful small business,  youths are playing in our parks while we sit on the benches next to them conversing with our neighbors.

A neighborhood where we all know and interact peacefully, not based on Wards or which part of the Borough one may live. A community where no one is living next to a row of boarded up homes. A place where trash doesn’t overflow on the main streets.

We are and will be that community. 

That is my vision.


Public Safety

Although crime rates in the Borough have decreased, public safety is still a concern and an obstacle that we continue working to overcome. I understand these challenges and the need for a safe Wilkinsburg.

Currently on the Public Safety Committee, as your Mayor, I will continue to work with the Police Chief and Department to increase public safety and awareness opportunities for residents to combat crime and violence.

Business District

Local small business growth and development positively impacts and sustains our community; and we must not forget that as new development begins.

As a small business owner, I am pleased to have assisted in coordination and implementation of “Mine Your Business” and now Launch Wilkinsburg. Both programs empower and connect local entrepreneurs and small business owners with resources and the support needed to thrive.

Vacant and Abandoned Properties

Close to 800 parcels of Wilkinsburg’s houses and commercial buildings are vacant and/or blighted. Blight negatively affects communities, not just because it’s dangerous, but because it perpetuates a sense of hopelessness.

During my time on Council, I have assisted in submissions of grant applications and requests to receive demolition funds as one way to address blight. Additionally, my work with the Vacant Home Tour was to highlight what homes looked prior to abandonment and the possibilities for them to look that way again through the Vacant Property Recovery Program.

I will continue to proactive in the fight against blight because all residents deserve a safe and beautiful Wilkinsburg.

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